Someone who is respectful is willing to show consideration to
themselves and others.
We don't do that We don't do that  That's what we do That's what makes us
Foul & demeaning Negative words or words Kind words Encouraging words
language that cut others down    
Not caring for yourself Not sticking up for yourself Caring for yourself Caring for yourself & others
  in a positive way emotionally & physically emotionally & physically
Inappropriate  Unnecessary physical contact Keeping hands to yourself Respecting personal space
physical or sexual contact    
Destroying property (ruined) Harming and/or trashing Using things without  Leaving things better
Vandalism property causing damage than you found them
Talking and/or interrupting Not paying attention Listening and using Being involved in
  eye contact discussions
Intentionally hurting others,  Gossiping, rumor spreading, Treating others like YOU want Treating others like THEY
emotionally or physically ignoring others,  to be treated want to be treated
  rude behavior (Golden Rule) (Platinum Rule)
Discipline yourself, and others won't have to.      John Wooden
Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can.   John Wesley
Character isn't about doing what you have a right to do, but about doing what is right.   John Nabers